The Project of "Sino-Nepal Silk Road Institute of Electric Power" Approved

05/18/2020 08:50  Click:[]

Recently, the overseas school-running cooperation project of Zhengzhou Electric Power College "Sino-Nepal Silk Road Institute of Electric Power" was officially approved and filed by the Education Department of Henan province, and the overseas school-running project of Zhengzhou Electric Power College has made breakthrough progress. This is the first overseas school-running cooperation project named after "electric power" in the whole province and even in the whole country.



According to the agreement reached by both parties, the project is based on the demand for power talents of Chinese-funded enterprises in Nepal, the two majors, "power system automation technology" and "power supply technology", which are the high-quality educational resources of Zhengzhou Electric power College, are built into international professional standards to train local electric power talents, at the same time, it provides power talents support for overseas Chinese-funded enterprises.

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