Charity Enterprise Donate Masks to Help Students Return to School

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In order to help the prevention and control of the new Crown pneumonia epidemic in the school, on the morning of May 12, Fang Hua, chairman of the board of Hua Wei Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd., Jiao Jingfeng, general manager, Fan Hua, deputy general manager, Yang Yu Chong, assistant chairman of the board and other five people made a special trip to the school, donate 50000 medical surgical masks worth more than 100,000 yuan to the school. Yang Yibo, secretary of the school party committee, Liu Guangkai, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and vice president of the school, Sun Lijun, chairman of the labor union, Zong Wanwei, vice president and heads of the school office, International Ministry of Education and electric power College attended the donation ceremony.
    This batch of donated materials effectively relieved the storage pressure of anti-epidemic prevention and control materials for the next step of the school's return to school, and provided safety guarantee for all teachers and students to return to school and return to school.


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