ZEPC strives to make the college into an international one. Since 1994, it has engaged in international cooperation and worked with institutions for more than 20 years. ZEPC has established cooperative relationships with Red River College in Canada, Norway Teachers’ College, and Chisholm Institute of Australia. ZEPC has introduced high-quality education resources and trained bilingual faculties, it has also received external quality audit, significantly improved the education and teaching quality and provided the students with opportunities to receive foreign advanced vocational education without going abroad.


1.TAE Training

ZEPC is the TAE Training Center in China, in which teachers can get teaching qualification of TAFE program of Australia after completing the training courses.


2.iTEP Test

The iTEP Cooperation Agreement with Henan Huihua Cultural Research Institute has been signed, according to which and the American iTEP Testing Center is set up in our school.


3.International Student

ZEPC has recruited international students ranges from One Belt One Road countries including Bolivia, Latvia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Russia,etc. With the extensive communication in our school, the students are able to experience and learn Chinese culture.


4.International Cooperation & Development

ZEPC is acting as the vice president of the Chinese council of the One Belt One Road national association of institutions and enterprises.

ZEPC also signed a MOUC memorandum and cooperation framework agreement with the University of Herzing of America.

In 2019, ZEPC was selected as the first batch of Jingshi International Schools in the Cultural Exchange Program of the Ministry of Education, PRC.